When picking a destination for your ski trip, it’s always good to pre-book your transportation to the resort and back. Sometimes even a 10km trip from the airport to a certain location in an unfamiliar country, may be difficult, especially when traveling with more luggage for your winter ski vacation. There are several different ways of getting to Borovets ski resort and we will cover them in the article below.

Just 70km south-east of the Bulgarian capital, you will find the oldest ski resort in Bulgaria – Borovets. Established in 1896, Borovets was first used as a vacation getaway for the Bulgarian elite. Now it’s one of the most popular and family-friendly resorts in Bulgaria. It’s located in the Rila Mountain range, close to the city of Samokov. There are two airports close by that you can travel from – Sofia and Plovdiv.

New! Everyday Shuttle Transfers from Sofia Airport to Borovets Ski Resort

One of the most popular transportation options is to book a Shuttle transfer from Sofia airport to Borovets Ski resort. These can vary in size depending on the group size. There are usually delivered by cars, minibuses or buses.

Transfers to Borovets

Traventuria’s New Everyday Shuttle Transfers from Sofia Airport to Borovets are the most affordable and budget-friendly way to travel to the resort

Starting this new 2023/2024 winter season, Traventuria will operate regular Everyday Shuttles (Shuttle transfers) between Sofia Airport and Borovets Area on a fixed departure schedule.
Drop-off location for the regular everyday shuttle transfers are either our Ski & Board Shop in Borovets (Hotel Ela, see location here) or your accommodation in the resort (additional charges for a hotel drop-off may apply).
The everyday Shuttles are with fixed departure times and will not wait for any passengers, delayed luggage or similar.
Everyday Shuttles are very similar to regular bus lines, but unlike them, with Traventuria’s everyday Shuttle Transfers, customers may add drop-off at hotels, may add child seats, may have bus tracking and many additional benefits of a smaller vehicle travelling.
To see the Shuttles timetables and to book your shuttle transfer seat from/to Sofia Airport with Traventuria click here.

>> Low prices
Shuttle Transfers are one of the most affordable ways to get from Sofia Airport to Borovets Ski resort. Prices per person get low as 15 euro per way and booking a seat on the bus could be done entirely online with several clicks.
>> Travelling with qualified drivers with a legally certified transport company.
Lower prices do not mean lower quality of service or less safety. Shuttle transfers are the most secure and at the same time, the best budget-price way to get to Bulgaria’s oldest ski resort.
>> No need to worry about your luggage.
Travelling with your ski, boards or other extra luggage, would not be a problem for you if you choose Traventuria’s Shuttle Transfer services.
>> Transfers at a discounted rate.
Getting discounts on transfers is possible in the case when you pre-book ski/snowboard packages (lift pass, equipment hire and/or tuition) with the same company, providing your transfer services.
*You may pre-book your ski services with Ski & Board Traventuria Borovets here and during the process of your reservation, you will find the option to reserve shuttle transfers at a discounted fare.
>> Having the lowest carbon footprint on the environment.

>> If you or your flight or luggage are delayed, the bus will not wait for you.
>> Sharing the ride with other travelers
>> No greet and meet inside the arrival’s hall of the airport. Buses wait for passengers at a specific place by the airport arrival’s hall entrance.

Transfers to Borovets

Every Day Shuttle Minibuses from Sofia Airport to Borovets Ski Resort

Semi-Private Transfers From Sofia Airport to Borovets Ski Resort

Traventuria has also a service called Semi-Private transfer services. The Semi-Private transfer services (like the Shuttles services) have fixed departure times and (like a private transfer service) are a private taxi (van) for your group. Drop-off is at your accommodation and the driver is waiting for your at the arrival’s hall with a sign with your name (or could be a smart phone sign with your name) on it.
People that have chosen the Semi-Private transfer services benefit from flight monitoring. They will be waited at airport for at least 1h and 30 min of flight delay, as well a their luggage. Thus, with Traventuria’s Semi-Private transfer service, you will not have to worry about not being picked-up at the airport, even if your flight is delayed.
In order to keep their travel costs down, people that have chosen the Semi-Private transfer services, have agreed that other passengers from earlier flights may join with their transfer, thus this type of transfer is called – Semi-Private.
If a Semi-Private transfer sounds more like your way to get to Borovets, click here to book this service.
Keep in mind that the time you will usually see for these “Semi-Private” transfers, is the earliest departure time possible. And also, keep in mind that this time may be delayed (usually no more than 1h and 30min minutes) due to the other passengers from the Semi-Private service being late (as a result of their flight or luggage delays).

>> Flight monitoring and guaranteed pick-up from the Airport even if your flight is delayed!
>> Gives you the opportunity to travel in a smaller group.
>> Cheaper than a Private Transfer.
>> More flexible Departure times (but still fixed in a certain way).
>> Are like a “Private” taxi for your group.

>> Sharing the taxi (van) with other people (not from your reservation).
>> For the Semi-Private ticket, departure times may be delayed (usually no more than an hour and a half) due to the passengers from the Semi-Private transfer service being late (as a result of their flight or luggage delays).
>> If your flight is delayed by more than аn hour and a half, we will put you on to the next available transfer, which may mean a longer wait than normal, a downgrade in transfer type, or in some cases a charge for waiting time.

Transfers to Borovets

Semi-Private Transfers are another budget-friendly option to travel from Sofia Airport to Borovets

Private Transfers From Sofia Airport to Borovets Ski Resort

Private transfers are more expensive than Shuttle and Semi-Private transfer services.
They are door-to-door transfer services and are taxis entirely for you and the people you are travelling with.
Traventuria provides Private transfers as well.
As with the Semi-Private service, travelers with Private transfer services are welcomed at the airport Arrivals hall by Traventuria’s driver with a sign (may just be your name on a phone as well).
The Private transfer service departs right after the last person (with his/her luggage) from your reservation is present and does not wait for other transfers or passengers.
If your flight is late, we will wait for you for an hour and a half after your flight arrival scheduled time. If your flight is delayed for more than an hour and a half, we will put you on to the next available transfer. This may mean a longer wait than normal, a downgrade in transfer type, or in some cases a charge for waiting time.

Transfers to Borovets

Traventuria’s car fleet offers a variety of choice

>> Travelling alone (or with your own group).
>> Door-to-door transfers.
>> Additional stops along the way such as Alexander Nevski cathedral square in Sofia, are available. (*Only upon request in advance).

>> More expensive prices
>> Higher carbon footprint

Car Rental

Another option is renting your own car and driving yourself around. As expected, this one is, also, of the more expensive options. If you feel like a confident enough driver to take on Bulgarian roads, this could be a viable option in Borovets. You won’t be using the car very much in the resort itself, but you would be able to explore the surrounding area in a better way. As with any rent-a-car, prices depend on what and when you book. We suggest going for a 4×4 option, as snow cleaning of the roads in Bulgaria isn’t that great.

>> More personal freedom of traveling whenever you feel like it
>> Travelling in Private (and with your friends, family)
>> The possibility to check an interesting restaurant in Samokov for example, instead of dinning only in Borovets.

>> Will not be using the car in Borovets resort that much, since everything there is of walking distance and close-by.
>> Hidden charges. Make sure to get insurance for the car for any damages.
>> Parking in Borovets is very limited and is not free. Except in front of your hotel.
>> The road to Borovets is a second class road, which can be terrible during snow storm. Or even the week after one. So, If you can’t put snow chains on car wheels, you’d better waive this option.

Public Transport

For those of you looking for the cheapest possible option, and are staying in Sofia before going to Borovets, or just prefer a more local approach, you can travel by public transport. There are buses every 30 minutes from bus station “South” which go to the city of Samokov. From there you will need to transfer to the bus to Borovets and then walk to your hotel (which may be 3-4km out of the resort). Total travel time from Sofia to Samokov is about 1:20 hours. The travel time from Samokov to Borovets is another 20-30 minutes and again, there are buses every 30 minutes.

>> Cheapest option out there.
>> More local approach.

>> The bus station is far away from the airport (although this can be reached by a subway, starting at Terminal 2 of Sofia Airport).
>> Much longer travel time. You will also need time to switch buses, which will make the time of the whole travelling journey even longer.
>> Thieves and pickpockets. It wouldn’t be anything new if some of your luggage doesn’t make the journey. Keep your eyes peeled at every stop.


Taxis are another way to get to Borovets, which can be more expensive. You can get one from the airport and they will drive you directly to your hotel in Borovets. Travelers who choose this option should be wary as most cab drivers will take advantage of you the first chance they get. We would suggest taking a cab from “Yellow!” as they have an official permit to be the only taxi cab company allowed to operate at Sofia airport. But still, while in Bulgaria, be extra cautious when catching a cab. Always check the price and look out for copy-cat companies. These will have almost an identical logo with the real companies and will charge you 3-4 times as much higher price.

Transfers to Borovets

“Yellow!” Taxi is the official taxi company for Sofia Airport (photo by: www.yellow333.com)

>> No need to book in advance.
>> Airport to hotel transport.
>> Additional stops along the way, such as commission-free change’s, to get local Bulgarian levs.

>> Expensive. Expect hidden charges too.
>> Drivers will probably not speak English and you’ll be lucky if they know where your hotel is in Borovets.
>> Little luggage space. Taxis in Bulgaria often drive on LPG or Methane, which means they have a big bottle in the trunk.
>> Cars in bad condition. Taxi drivers don’t prepare for long trips like this. Even though they have nice new cars, things like good winter tires are rarely a priority.

Traventuria Ltd. is fully bonded tour operator, transferring thousands of clients each season to and from Borovets. People who have bought ski packs from us receive further discount on their transfer rates. For more details see HERE.

Still got questions? Please get in touch with us directly through our contact section or leave a comment below.

For more information on Borovets, download our FREE guide. Click Here.


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