A nice sunny week here in Borovets comes to an end. Visitors were bathed in sunshine almost too much. But it seems like it’s time for winter to roll in again. Today saw heavy winds up top and the forecast is for for snow on the upper mountain Saturday through Sunday. Starting Monday the clouds should start dispersing.


The Markudjik ski area as seen from the start of the Musalenska pathway.

Conditions today were good, with well groomed pistes in the morning. The only downside to all this sun and nice weather is that the snow gets a little slushy in the afternoon. There are not many people in the resort though, so lift lines are small in the morning and the slopes don’t deteriorate too much throughout the day. It’s a good thing the resort made tons (literally tons) of artificial snow during the cold front.

The Markudjik double surface lift.

In this report well show you what it’s like at the end of the day, after 2 o’clock. The Markudjik slopes are in great conditions, with not too many bumps or rocks. This is the highest ski area, so temperatures are lower. It was also very windy and this tends to blow away the softer snow leaving only the hardpack bellow. When it’s windy a better option is the surface lift, opposed to the 4 seat lift. You never know when the wind will suddenly speed up and stop the lift with you on it. The Muslenska pathway is also still open and in decent condition, with only a few rocks here and there.


The Popangelov ski run

In the Yastrebets ski center there was no wind, so the slope was a little slushy by the end of the day. By the afternoon there were some icy patches around the areas where the snow cannons throw snow, but nothing too bad. It’s mostly a problem for skiers going at higher speeds, as beginners and intermediates going slower, have more time to react and avoid such obsicales. The mini-boardercross run is still open and a great place to level up on your skiing and snowboarding. It’s located on the right side of the Popangelov ski run, just 500m below the top station of the Yastrebets Express ski lift.

ski borovets

The last rollers on the mini-boardercross run

The Sitnyakovo ski center also has good conditions by the end of the day and many beginners prefer to go skiing later, when there are almost no lines anymore. At the lowest part of the ski area there was no wind and temperatures were much warmer. Perfect for a cold beer in one of the outdoor apres-ski bars or restaurants. The fun park is also open and regularly shaped and groomed.

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