Snow Report: February 21st, 2019


What a week we had here in Borovets! All sunshine and no clouds, perfect conditions for the British mid-term holidays. But don’t worry, summer isn’t here yet and we’re expecting another 15-20cm of snow Friday through Saturday. On top of that, temperatures will also drop to -10°C to -17°C over the weekend, so make sure to bring warm clothes if you’re coming here this next week.

The early bird gets the corduroy.

The early bird gets the corduroy.

We’re in the peak of the season and this was possibly the busiest week of the year. Since we had good weather all week and no wind, none of the lifts were closed which helped keep lift queues evenly spread out across the 3 ski areas. As always, the biggest queue is in the morning for the gondola, which by 9 o’clock stretches past the parking lot and winds up the road. The average waiting time during “rush hour” is around 60-70 minutes, but can be even longer on weekends. If you arrive at the gondola at 8:15, 15 minutes before it opens, the wait will be no longer than 10-15 minutes. The first people in the queue are there at 8 AM, but wait 30 minutes for the doors to open. Is it worth being in line 30 minutes early? If you want to get a few runs down perfect slopes, then that’s your only option. The second biggest lift line is at the Martinovi Baraki Express, but the queue there looks much worse than it is. Since it’s a brand new 6-seat lift, it has a high capacity and the queue is normally 10 minutes at most.

Conditions on the slopes are good throughout the day, but if you want to get the best runs, you’ll have to be before 8:30 at the gondola and head straight towards the Markudjik Ski Area. This way you’ll get at least 3-4 great runs down corduroy slopes before the masses arrive. All ski runs in the Markudjik area are open, except for the Musalenska Pathway which is closed with good reason. It’s covered with bumps, rocks and blue ice patches, but it’s still skiable all the way down. Snow conditions in the Yastrebets area are also very good, however, you can feel that the snow is more artificial than natural at the moment. This leads to icy patches showing up after enough people ski through a given spot, removing the softer top layer. The best runs today were the Markudjik 2B and Popangelov runs.

Popangelov Ski Run

In the Sitnyakovo Ski Area, snow conditions are best on the black Martinovi Baraki 4, as the least amount of people ski there. The downside is it flows into the green Rotata run, which is extremely busy with beginners and children. If you’re planning on skiing the green “Royal Residence Skiway”, keep in mind it’s very narrow and crowded this time of year. The night skiing is still going strong and quite a few people show up every evening. Thanks to the new lift, waiting times are much shorter than in previous years, about 10 minutes.

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