Borovets weekly snow report is back. The resort is slowly and surely getting to its normal winter conditions, but there is still more to be expected especially from the weather. Some of the tracks such as Markidjik 1, 2, 3, Yastrebets 1, Haramia, Fonfon and Sitnaykovo 2, for example, remain closed. Others like Cherveno zname, Sitnyakovo royal residence ski way and Sitnyakovo 1 are partly open. As of today, all the open ski slopes are: Rila (Beginners), Iglika (Easy), Rotata (Beginners), Sitnyakovo 3 (Intermediate) (Sitnyakovo 1, partly) (Intermediate), Martinovi Baraki 1 (Easy), Martinovi Baraki 2 (Intermediate), Martinovi Baraki 3 (Intermediate), Martinovi Baraki 4 (Experts only), Yastrebets 3 (Intermediate) and Popangelov (Intermediate).

snow report 30.01.2023

Sitnyakovo Express Top Station (1774m)

Slope conditions overview

These past few days Borovets has finally gotten its fair amount of natural fresh snow on the slopes – around 10 cm on the lower parts of the resort (such as Sitnyakovo) and some 30 to 40 cm on the highest parts of the resort: Popangelov, Yastrebets 3, Yastrebets 1.

ssnow report January 30th 2023

New and fresh snow on top of the snow from the cannons below | Sitnyakovo

At Gondola Yastrebets Top Station (2369m) temperatures drop to -10 degrees Celsius. The slopes around there (Yastrebets 3 , Popangelov) are flat with fresh and soft snow on top of the flat base (approx. 10 cm of new softer snow). From Yastrebets top station to Mid station (1830m) on Yastrebets 1 (despite that it is closed) for the first two hours in the morning there aren’t many people, but gradually more people gather.

Despite the long queues, waiting time for example at Martinovi Baraki lift is around 5-6 minutes, which is pretty good considering the amount of people waiting, especially after 11 am.
In conclusion we could say that slope Popangelov is currently in a better skiing condition than Yastrebets 3. There were less people and less bumpy areas almost throughout the entire piste’s length.

snow report 30/01/2023

After 11am there are more people on the slopes.

On the upper parts of Sitnyakovo (Sitnyakovo Express Top Station (1780m) sun is shining through as you may see on the pictures above. Not too many people, either. Observing some great skiing conditions, especially today. The lower parts of the resort – Borovets Ski Resort Base (1341m) is a bit foggy mostly due to the snow cannons, which are almost constantly working.

Night skiing (Friday 27.01 and Saturday 28.01)

Currently the night skiing in Borovets is in its best condition from its official season start. Weather is cold enough, the snow machines are fully working, too, and with the combination of a few centimeters of new and fresh natural snow, the conditions for night skiing are actually great at the moment. Of course, the terrain has been a bit unstable and changing and at some places there has been hard ice cores beneath, which could surprise you, thus for at least the first run of the pistes, you would need to be very careful in order to learn where those icy parts are.
*A quick reminder – as of right now and for the month of February – night skiing will be open from Wednesdays to Sundays only.

night skiing Borovets 28.01.2023

Night skiing in Borovets, 28.01.2023, (photo by Peter Nedyalkov)

Avalanche warning information

A slight stabilization of the snow is observed, but there is still a possibility of breaking off heavy snow blocks on the slopes where there has not been ridden so far. The steepest are the west-facing slopes! Please, kindly note that skiing out of the marked piste areas is very dangerous.

snow report borovets 30.01.2023

Kindly note that skiing out of the marked piste areas is very dangerous.

Weather forecast

As of today the wind from the west is accelerating and increasing the transfer of the new snow over the mountain tops and ridges to a significant degree. Some new snowfall is expected for tomorrow (31.01) and for the end of the week around Friday and the weekend.

snow report borovets 30.01.2023

Sun is shining through | Borovets | Sitnyakovo

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