Weekly snow report from Borovets Ski Blog is here again to tell you all the latest snow, lifts and slopes condition updates. It’s 20th of March and Spring is officially back in the northern hemisphere. However, winter has not left Borovets, yet. Read on to see how the middle of March is doing so far.

snow report borovets 20-03-2023, borovets ski blog traventuria

Always so beautiful when it’s snowing | Borovets, 18.03.23

Snow conditions

With some snowfall during Thursday night, Friday morning was fresh and colder. Cannons had produced even more new snow for Yastrebets slope, thus it was not too well groomed, but Sitnyakovo and Martinovi Baraki were in great waffle condition.

Saturday Yasterebets was covered again with a little bit of fresh snow. Icy areas were discovered here and there, but it was definitely very well groomed in comparison to Friday morning. Slope was great for the whole day. Some new snow fell in the later afternoon again making it for a great feeling of more skiing to come.

snow report borovets 20-03-2023, ski blog traventuria

Some new snowfall on Saturday (18.03) afternoon | Borovets resort

Sunday snow was really good not only on Yastrebets, but on Martinovi Baraki and Sitnyakovo as well. Conditions on the last two were almost perfect (considering the not so great snow this winter). Snow was stiff (but not icy) in the morning and after 12pm was getting slushied. And up to lunch time, we could definitely say that skiing conditions were really great. There were no queues, but the slopes were quite busy after 10.00am.
Yastrebets’ morning rides were also great, with snow getting softer towards noon, but still remaining in a good condition for the whole day.

borovets snow report 20-03-2023, ski blog traventuria

Great rides on Yastrebets for the whole day on Sunday (19.03) | Photo by Valeri Bozhinov

Slopes and Lifts

As of right now all slopes are open except for Fonfon, Yastrebets 1 (the entire slope), Markudjik 2 and 3.
“Markudjik 2” chair lift is not open, neither is drag lift “Markudjik 3”. Drag lifts “Markudjik 0” and “Markudjik 1” are open, as well as slope Markudjik 1.

snow report borovets 20-03-2023, borovets ski blog traventuria

Markudjik 1 | Borovets ski blog

Weather Forecast

The snow forecast for Borovets for the next 3 days is: Mild at first with light rain (total 4.0mm) on Tuesday afternoon followed by colder weather and light fall of snow, heaviest on Tuesday night. Freeze-thaw conditions (max 8°C on Mon afternoon, min -2°C on Wed night). Wind will be generally light.
For the next 4 to 6 days: Light rain (total 8.0mm), mostly falling on Saturday night. Mild temperatures (max 8°C on Fri afternoon, min 1°C on Sat night). Wind will be generally light.
(source: https://www.snow-forecast.com/resorts/Borovets/6day/mid)

snow report borovets 20-03-2023, ski blog traventuria

Markudjik Ski center | Borovets ski blog

In conclusion

The last 3 days have probably been the best skiing days for this whole month of March so far, considering the warm and sunny weather we were getting this whole winter season.
Warmer temperatures are expected for the week ahead, thus conditions will change drastically until the next new snowfall, if we even get one. Current snow shall remain for another week. But no one would dare to predict further. See you next Monday’s report, when we would know for sure how much snow there would be left before March is over.

Photo credits: Radoslav Nestorov, Georgi Vazharov, Valeri Bozhinov;
Snow conditions information: Peter Nedyalkov, Valeri Bozhinov (Shred Together);

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