There are few things that almost all skiers and snowboarders can agree on. One of those things is that it’s always better to start skiing/snowboarding with an instructor, rather than learning on your own. Whether it’s a professional instructor or just a friend who can ski good, on slope guidance will help you learn quickly and safely, without you acquiring any bad habits in your stance along the way. In Borovets there are many ski schools with qualified instructors, but the question always remains: “Should I take private lessons or should i stick to group ski school”. Both have their ups and downs, which I’ll will explain below.

Private Ski & Snowboard School

Private ski tuition is generally more expensive than group tuition, but it has its advantages. The biggest of which is the more personal approach you will receive from your instructor. Teaching will be customized for your skill level and learning speed, while the instructor will be able to give you more attention than in a normal ski school group. This is an especially good choice for intermediate skiers and advanced skiers who want to take their skiing to the next level, without waiting for their whole group to catch up. Splitting the price of a private group with friends will bring the cost down per person and you’ll also guarantee your with good company. With group ski school there is always the small risk of getting placed in a group with someone who isn’t having fun, spoiling the moral of the group.

Things to remember:

  • You can book private tuition for yourself or for a small group.
  • When booking for a group, everyone should be on the same level. (Beginner skiers with other beginners and so on).
  • Don’t book at the last minute, private lessons are typically on high demand.
On-slope guidance is key for quick and safe progression.

On-slope guidance is key for quick and safe progression.

Group Ski & Snowboard School

Even though private tuition is better in terms of teaching, group tuition also has its perks. The most notable differences are in the price and group size. Group sizes in Borovets are normally between 5 and 10 people, but can be even bigger during a resort’s high season. This means that the attention each member of the group will receive is less than during a private lesson. But for most fist-time and beginner skiers, starting with group tuition is good enough for learning the basics, even though private tuition would be more beneficial. Another big difference between private tuition and group tuition is the group itself. Skiers are all placed into groups according to their skill level to avoid placing intermediate skiers with beginners. This gives individual members of the group the chance to meet new people in a fun environment and to learn from each other on the slopes. This also means that the faster skiers will be waiting for the slower ones to some extent.

Things to remember:

  • You shouldn’t book group ski school for the whole family. (Children and their parents are often on different skiing levels and require different schooling techniques. This is why I don’t advise taking your children in a group with yourself, rather than putting them in a group with other children at the same level).
  • Groups can be bigger than average during high season (in Borovets this is during February).

Booking Ski School in Borovets

The best way to go about booking ski school is to add it to a pre-paid package that includes lift passes and more. This way you will save money and travel easy, knowing that everything is ready for you before you arrive in the resort.

Ski & Board Traventuria also offers ski school services in Borovets!

>> You can book private tuition in Borovets HERE.

Our instructors: We work with the most experienced licensed instructors in town – speaking fluent English, positive and patient. Russian speaking instructors are available upon request.
Prices: start from 22 euro per person and are valid for the whole group.
Duration: 2-4 consecutive hours. Child minimum age: 4 years old.
Child reduction: not available
Meeting point: The meeting point for the ski and snowboard school is opposite Ski & Board Traventuria rental shop (located at Hotel Ela) where the instructors will be expecting you. Newcomers are assigned in different groups according to their skiing skills until 09:00 every day.  Advance booking should be made online on the links above or on spot in the ski shop. Mind that last minute reservations cannot always be accommodated.

During the booking process, select your desired start date then number of travelers. Then you can select your private ski tuition options. Options include how long your lesson will be (2,3 or 4 hours) and the time slot you wish to take these lessons. You can even select night skiing hours for your lessons.

>> You can book group tuition in Borovets HERE.

For the biggest savings on group tuition, book yours through our website in combination with everything else you might need, such as equipment, lift tickets and airport transfers. For group tuition you can choose between 2 and 4 hours of daily tuition. You can also book ski kindergarten for children aged 8 to 11 years old. Children 12 and over are priced as adults.

Borovets kindergarten

Children aged between 8 and 11 can be signed up for Borokids ski school.


Ski & Board Traventuria is a leading provider of lift passes, equipment rental, airport transfers and ski school for the Borovets area. To book your next ski vacation in Borovets with us, please check our website –

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