The most common word in everyone’s vocabulary lately is “self-isolation”. But what I know for sure is that there is nothing better than hitting the slopes on a ski holiday with your friends! If you are already too tired of talking to imaginary friends and you’ve gained some weight at home, you definitely need a long ski trip with your best buddies!

Have you already discussed the idea with your friends, but ever since you didn’t take any further action? Read this article, take the lead and start preparing your luggage, because Borovets slopes will open in around a month! Start planning your next ski holiday with friends now!

Step 1: Choose a leader for your ski holiday

Leading a big group is not an easy task, but it’s definitely worth it to have someone in charge. The leader will manage to communicate easier with the hotel, rental center, ski school and etc. Don’t forget to ask everyone about their preferences, so you’ll know what are their intentions for the trip! It may be easier if you create a special Facebook, WhatsApp, or e-mail group! N.B: Don’t take the lead if you are not happy with organizing others as it may bring you more stress than expected.

Step 2: Partying or skiing?

Try to find out what’s the main goal of your friends? Is everyone into skiing and snowboarding or they prefer to be focused on parties and apres-ski activities? If so, choose a resort that combines both skiing and partying (such as Borovets and Bansko).

Тry to find out what your friends wish for and set group goals.

Step 3: Set a budget- try to keep it real

Start with doing research on how the prices in a few chosen resorts vary. Ask everyone what’s the budget they may set. Try to set an average budget and decide on a resort. Search for a hotel that will meet your expectations accordingly. Don’t get angry if the people in your group have different preferences- that’s normal.

Step 4: Skiing level

If your group is bigger, you’ll definitely have friends that have skied before and others that are first-timers. You should balance well with choosing a resort that has black and red slopes for the experts, but also a range area for beginners. It will also be beneficial to know their levels when organizing ski lessons.

Step 5: Ski lessons

The advanced skiers in your group may wish to be instructors for the newbies. This is usually a bad idea as they lose interest quickly. On the other hand, beginners get too relaxed and don’t perform the tasks given by the instructor. Everything ends with a lot of wasted time and several quarrels and needles from both sides. You surely don’t want this for your ski holiday with friends!
Try that! If all of the beginners are at the exact same level, you may book for them a group ski lesson. They will have both fun and learn fast by competing with each other.
Private ski lessons are a good option if everyone is at different levels. Your friends will be learning for 2 hours a day and then they will have time to compare and try a few slopes together.

Try to keep yourself relaxed- after all this is also your vacation!

Step 6: Total price of the ski holiday

The main advantage of the big group is that it’s usually eligible for big discounts! Try to find a company where you can book everything altogether- hotels, transfers, ski school, ski rent! In this case, you may even get a 40% discount! Even if you don’t see a special discount code, try to contact the support of the company you choose and ask for privileges- it may be a discount, a free activity, or a present!

Step 7: Discussion and payment

Once you receive the offers you asked for, discuss them with your friends! Don’t book without the explicit consent of everyone! Make the payment only when all your friends transfer you their balance.

Don’t panic! We are always ready to help with tips for your ski holiday with friends!

Additional tips for planning a ski vacation with friends

  • Talk with your friends about what accessories you need and share the research you have found. It may be cheaper to buy thermal underwear or ski socks on spot in the resort than bringing frоm home.
  • Make the room list in advance, so for example, only one of two girls will bring a hair straightener.
  • Consider booking some apres-ski activities in advance in order to get some fun together out of the slopes!
  • Search for real reviews about the places you’ve chosen to visit- TripAdvisor is a must to check.
  • Search for hashtags on Instagram, so you’ll get an idea of exactly where I’m going (try #traventuria and #borovets).
  • Don’t forget to make insurance. COVID cancellation clause is a must at the moment.
  • Get a border-less bank account so you won’t pay additional fees.
  • Consider buying a walkie-talkie, so you will always be in touch with your friends on the slopes!
  • Take in your bag some hangover pills- I am sure you love partying hard!

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