You’ve been skiing all day, your muscles are aching and you have time to spend before dinner. Or you’ve decided to take a day off from skiing and relax. What do you do? A great choice in this situation would be to visit a thermal mineral spring around Borovets. One of our favorite complexes and possibly the best is Aqua Club Kotvata.

The Kotvata thermal mineral spring complex is located in the village of Sapareva Banya, just a 30 minute drive from Borovets. There are a few ways you can get there other than with a personal car. You can take a taxi or even hire a bus from our rental shop.

Aqua Club Kotvata is a big complex with indoor and outdoor pools, massage center and a spa. The whole place is newly renovated and very relaxing. The changing rooms are modern and even have hair dryers. Another good feature is that you can pay for only what you use. So if you only want to use the outdoor pools, the price is lower than if you want to use the spa as well. This is good for clients visiting after skiing, as you normally won’t have time to fully enjoy all of the features the complex has to offer. Pricing is higher on weekends and holidays. You can find their full price list HERE.

One of the main attractions of the complex are the outdoor pools. There are 3 big pools, 5 jacuzzis, 2 cold pools and 3 children’s pools. The water temperatures in each pool and jaccuzzi varies, so you can find the perfect place to relax. If you only have a few hours to spend, these pools should be your first choice. Nothing like letting your aching muscles recover in the warm water, while the air temperature is freezing. During the winter the staff leave the snow in the complex untouched, except for the walkways. This will give you the chance to roll around in the snow before diving back into the 37°C and warmer pools. The feeling is like thousands of needles on your skin, but supposedly it’s good for your heart. If the snow is too much for you, you can take a dip in one of the cold pools, which have a temperature just above the freezing level.

If the cold air is not to your liking, you can go for the indoor pools or spa center. Inside you can find 1 big pool, a jaccuzzi and a cold pool. This is often more suitable if you’re travelling with small children or there is a crowd in the outdoor pools. The indoor facilities also work until later in the evening than the outdoor pools. The changing rooms are also warmer and directly connected to the pool area. There is also quick access to the outside pools if you have paid for both. Inside the main building you can also find single or double baths.

If you’re in the mood to go to the spa center, it’s equipped with an aroma sauna, Finnish sauna, steam bath, aqua relax, relax area with warm beds, ice-cold bath and bathtubs for feet. We normally advise spending a whole day in the complex if you want to fully experience the spa center. Aqua Club Kotvata also has on offer various massages and relaxation procedures.

Once you’ve finished with your relaxation, you can go have dinner in the complex’s restaurant. The restaurant is located just above the mineral pools and has a great view of the complex and surrounding area. The furnishing is modern and well done, with plenty of places to sit. The cooking is delicious and has anything you would expect a normal restaurant to have in its menu. The pricing is also lower than a normal restaurant in Borovets.

If you are in need of a lift to Aqua Club Kotvata, stop by Ski & Board Traventuria and book your bus on the spot. OR BOOK ONLINE IN ADVANCE HERE

Pictures courtesy of Aqua Club “Kotvata”

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