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Injury and medical services are the last thing on a travelers mind, especially before a big trip. Sadly, thinking about possible injuries and preparing for them are not on the agenda until something bad has actually happened. Extreme sports (skiing and snowboarding included) are dangerous sports and being prepared is important, as sometimes every second can count after an accident on the slopes. In this post we will go over the different medical facilities in Borovets and what you should do in case of an injury.

Get insurance before travelling

Getting medical insurance from home is something that is recommended to anyone who plans on traveling, regardless of destination. This insurance will help you pay the doctors bill in the event of a serious injury and can save you a lot of money. The lift passes in Borovets also have a limited insurance, but this only covers first-aid on the slope and a snowmobile ride down to the resort. Any further costs are to be covered by the patient.

What to do if a member of your group is injured on the slopes?

  1.  Secure the injured and make sure they are visible to other skiers. If the injured can be moved, move them to the side of the slope, where it’s safer.
  2. If the injured cannot get down the slope on their own, call the mountain rescue office (+359887100243). Explain to them where exactly you are and wait.
  3. If you do not have a working phone, send one of your group to the nearest lift and have them call for help. If you are injured while skiing alone with no phone, shouting for help will be your best bet. Most of the time the first skier to see an injured person will stop to help.
  4. Depending on your injury, the mountain rescue team will take you to either the local medical center (for minor injuries) or to the hospital in Samokov (for serious injuries). There the active doctor will tell you what you need to do from then out.

Where to go for medical assistance

In case of a medical emergency which requires an ambulance call 112. 

If you are in need of medical assistance for something that didn’t happen on the slopes (such as an allergic reaction or a tumble down some stairs), you have a few options available. There are two doctors cabinets in Borovets, one in hotel Samokov and one in hotel Iglika. These would be suitable for anything that can be cured with medicines, such as a migraine, sore throat or the average cold. These doctors cabinets work 24/7 and also offer medication (although their assortment is smaller than in the pharmacy). You can also get a cast from these places, but there is no x-ray.

Another option is the main medical facility in Borovets which is located next to the mountain rescue station (in front of hotel Flora and behind “Buzz Bar”). This also works 24/7.

If a patient is in need of serious intervention, they are taken to the hospital in Samokov. This is where any broken bones are fixed and other serious operations. Unlike the medical centers in the resort, this is a fully working hospital which services the city of Samokov, so it’s prepared for anything.

If you are in need of just a pharmacy, there is only one in hotel Samokov, which works until 20:00 during the ski season. Unfortunately, there are no 24/7 pharmacies in Borovets or the town of Samokov, so a trip to one of the doctors cabinets or emergency ward might be required.

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