When going on a ski/snowboard vacation picking out the right equipment is essential for your good time. Just like you wouldn’t go on a hiking trip with high heels, the wrong snowboard can be a pain in the….feet. This article contains the basic information you should have in mind when renting or buying your first snowboard.

Rental VS buying your own

This is always a question that people new to snowboarding (or any other sport) will be asking themselves. What I generally advise is for you to consider how often you will be snowboarding and how much you will be traveling to do so. If you’re going on your first snowboard trip, don’t bother buying your own stuff. Try it first.

If you already consider yourself a snowboard, but live in a no-snow area and need to fly to get to the slopes, then it’s a harder choice. The hassle and cost of carrying your own board may be more than just renting a good VIP snowboard from a rental shop. But if you board regularly and need a top of the line board, then it’s definitely cheaper to purchase your own in the long run.

What to look for

Whether renting or buying a board, you should keep the following parameters in mind:

How long your snowboard is is probably the most important factor you should consider. What most riders advise is is to pick a snowboard that reaches somewhere around your chin/mouth. How long it should be exactly is up to you and depends on your riding style and the snowboard you have chosen. When in doubt, just ask the shop. Beginner riders are generally better off with a slightly shorter board, as it’s easier to control and turn with at lower speeds at the cost of high speed stability. Intermediate riders often go for something a little longer (around the height of your chin to nose). This is also the best option if you want an all-in-one board, that can handle the terrain park and freeride runs.

Most board models come in a variety of widths or have special “wide” models. If you have bigger feet, then a wider board is called for. The last thing you want is for your toes to be dragging along the snow every time you make a turn. If you have small feet, then a normal board is fine. Woman specific snowboards are often narrower, as women tend to have smaller feet.

For the more advanced riders

The stiffness of the board can have a big effect on how it handles. Softer boards are better for beginners or people who want to ride the snow park and hit rails and jumps. It’s also a good idea to get a softer board if you weigh less than average. Stiffer boards are better suited for high speeds or heavier riders.

The profile of the board is how it sits on the ground with you being on it. There are 3 basic profiles that can be combined in a variety of ways.

Normal Camber – This used to be the standard for all snowboards in the past. When you place it on the floor the middle section will not be touching the ground, until you get on top of it. This type of board gives the best edge grip.

Banana – This type of snowboard is the exact opposite of a normal chamber board. When you place in on the floor, the middle will be holding the front and back in the air. This is best for off-piste riding, but many boarders are starting to use them on the slopes as well.

Flat – These boards are something like the missing link in the evolution from normal chamber to banana. Better edge grip than a banana profile and better off-piste than a normal chamber board. Not really the best at anything.

A snowboards sidecut is something like the turn radius on skis. The deeper the side cut, the shorter your turns are going to be and thus less stable the faster you’re going. Sidecut is measured by the difference in the waist size of the board compared to nose and tail size.

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