The ski season is in full swing here in Borovets. If you haven’t started thinking about your ski vacation, now is probably a good time to start! We know that it can be a pain to organize your whole ski trip, especially if you are traveling with children, but that’s why we’re here, to make things easier.

Probably the most difficult choice to make other than “where to go” is “when to go” skiing. This can be even more complicated for parents, as they are limited to the school holidays for ski trips. Unless you don’t mind taking out a fake two-week sick leave for your kids, like my parents would do back in the day, you’ll probably be looking at either Christmas or the February mid-term break for a ski vacation. If this is the case, below are some things you should keep in mind.

Helpful tips

-In the peak of the holidays, most low-cost airlines will increase their direct flights to Sofia, but cheaper tickets run out quickly. We highly advise booking your airplane tickets first as soon as possible, so that you can get the best deal.

-The resort’s resources are limited (bedding, ski/board instructors, equipment rental) and with the increase in tourists, it can be hard to find what you need last minute at a normal price. The first to be fully booked are the ski schools, especially private tuition. Some of the smaller rental shops will also start turning away clients, as they just don’t have enough equipment to give out, or they resort to really old pairs of skis to fill in the gaps. Even our shop, which has doubled in size for this year, gets very busy and it’s even possible for our storage lockers to run out! That’s why we again insist that you book as soon in advance as possible if you’re planning on coming during the mid-term holidays.

-If you’re planning on booking a transfer from Sofia airport to Borovets, we suggest doing this in advance as well. Relying on finding something when you get here is a bad idea even in the low season, let alone during high season. Companies, like ours, offer a discount when combined with rental equipment.

-Borovets doesn’t suffer from big lift lines during the high season, like some other resorts, but on the weekends it can get crowded from the local skiers.

-Don’t forget to take out insurance for each member of your party.

Skiing during Christmas & New Years

Christmas in Borovets is a great option as there are many places to get a tasty Christmas dinner, which is good to be reserved in advance as well. Before the New Year, most of the visitors in Borovets are Bulgarians and big lift lines aren’t expected. One of the best times to visit Borovets is just after the Christmas break, as there are much fewer tourists in the resort.

Mid-term school holidays

Most European countries have a school break during February, but thankfully they’re not all at the same time. During this period is when you can expect the most people in the resort and on the slopes. Since Borovets is a smaller, less-known destination, it’s a much better option than many of the European ski resorts, where you can wait in line for hours a day. The way the slopes are divided into 3 main areas helps reduce bottlenecks, but moving between these areas will take longer during the high season.

Easter holidays

In 2018 Easter will be on the 8th of April, while the resort will most likely close on the 15th. This means that you can take a few days to come spring skiing. The benefits of spring skiing are the softer weather and the almost private resort at your disposal.

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