One of the most frequent questions we receive in e-mails from customers is: “What’s the best time to come skiing?” This article will explain why one of our best suggestions is: ski over the holidays! Here are some of the best reasons why to go to the mountains instead of staying at home for the Christmas Madness!

Prepare for holidays loaded with a lot of good spirits!

Holiday Spirit

You will have the opportunity to be part of local traditions related to the New Year. Everyone’s mood is uplifted, holiday decorations and the smiles on the faces of the people around you will certainly positively affect you.

No-fuss around the table

You will stay at a hotel or a chalet, where delicious food will be prepared at an affordable price. No dirty dishes at the end of the night, no fuss around the stove. Painless and easy!

Great deals

It’s the time of the year with the best deals! You can find literally everything- a 5* hotel or rented villa at a much cheaper price than usual. During this time of the year back home, people usually spend indiscriminately. Bottom line: you’ll be spending for yourself and your dearest, instead of buying a present for the aunt who pinched your cheeks when you were a child and you still can’t stand her.

Avoiding people

Yes, another bonus! You will be avoiding exactly these relatives that we just talked about. Bye, bye, see you next year!

White Christmas

Ever since I was understanding Christmas movies I always imagined waking up, looking through the window, and seeing a white landscape and slowly falling snowflakes. Idyllic much? You will be the star in your own Christmas movie if you choose to ski over the holidays.

Ski over holidays = Slopes free of people

Christmas time is not the most popular time for skiing. This is the reason you will have the pistes quite for yourself. Freshly groomed and free slopes- the dream of every skier!

Keeping the sport shape

You don’t have to feel guilty that you consumed a ton of calories more than you had to. When you wake up the next morning, you will be happily skiing them off your body.

But first.. let me take a selfie!

The most liked photo of the year? Why not?

When everyone’s around the table, sitting bored at home, your snowy photos will be the spark that will ignite them to do something exciting! Your Christmas selfie will be surely the one with the most likes this year! And don’t forget, that next year you have to beat the record ;).

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