If you are reading this then you are definitely a savvy buyer looking forward to making an informed decision. The article below outlines the major differences between the two booking options: Basic and Premium.

I will illustrate the difference with a simple example. An Adult Premium 6-day full ski pack costs 339 Euro, while the basic is 308 Euro. In this case, the Basic pack is 5 Euro per day cheaper, making the advantages of the Premium option a reasonable value for money.

Both ski/snowboard pack alternatives can be paid online with a credit/debit card or via a bank transfer.
> Premium ski/snowboard package
You can pay only a deposit at the time of booking. The balance should be paid no later than a day before your first skiing date. Online payments can be done via PayPal or credit/debit card. Payments can be done also using transferwise or bank transfer.
> Basic ski/snowboard package
You are restricted to pay in full at the time of booking. Online payments can be done via PayPal or credit/debit card. Payments can be done also using transferwise or bank transfer.

This is one of the options that will make me tilt my decision to the Premium. I’m one of those guys who enjoy maximum flexibility on my holiday, despises waiting on queues and definitely likes to start skiing before the crowd hits the slopes. Ski & Board Traventuria shop disperses the clients into time slots (options available during the booking process).
> Premium ski/snowboard package
There are 16 time slots for fitting including availability in the evening before your first day skiing. Having the fitting sorted out the day before your first skiing day at times, is a priceless option considering the long Gondola queues, especially during the months of February and March.
> Basic ski/snowboard package
Very few time slots and usually not very convenient (mid-day, very early morning or late evening)


Carefully read the following if you are accommodated in a hotel far from the bottom gondola station and it does not offer a shuttle to it.
> Premium ski/snowboard package
All your ski and snowboard gear and/or personal belongings can be stored at our shop in the Royal Plaza complex and the one in Hotel Ela. Some extras as boot drying and personal lockers should be ordered during the booking process and are charged extra, but considerably less than the prices in the store.
> Basic ski/snowboard package
No options for pre-booking storage. You can book storage on spot, but beware that the shop could run out of availability, especially in peaks season.

Premium or Basic all our ski and snowboard equipment is carefully serviced after each rent. The contrast between them comes with the outlook and the age of the equipment.
> Premium ski/snowboard package
New models, some of them with fancy branding, which have not been rented more than a season or maximum 2. 30% of our equipment is brand new, bought just before the ski season. You may be the first person to take the wrapping off ! Premium package, unlike the Basic, allows you to book VIP skis. They are paid extra, but come with the VIP class in the shop with an option for switching between different skis or snowboards every day of your reservation.
> Basic ski/snowboard package
Older models that have been riding the slopes for over 5 years now.


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