Snow Report: January 23rd, 2019


The snow is coming, the snow is coming, get your fat skis out, because the snow is coming! Latest news, straight out of the weather channel and internet, is for a decent sized snowstorm heading our way from the Mediterranian. And even though the predicted amount of centimeters has fallen slightly, we’re still going to have a few great powder days here in Borovets. The forecast shows for it to start snowing tonight and not end until Sunday evening, let’s hope they get it right.

The Haramia ski run.

The Haramia ski run.

Enough about the next few days, let’s talk about today and the current snow conditions. Apart from the wind closing down the Markudjik Ski Area at around noon, again, all of the other lifts and slopes in the resort are open. The Musalenska Pathway was also re-closed the last week or so, but hopefully, with all the new snow it’ll reopen. The problem with the Musalenska Pathway, a run that connects the Markudjik and Sitnyakovo ski centers, is that it’s very long and doesn’t have any snow-making capabilities. This means that keeping it covered with enough snow is very dependent on the weather and often there is nothing the resort staff can do to keep it open. Otherwise, today was another typical low-season day, with very few people on the slopes and pretty much no lift queues.


Snow conditions on the slopes are more than good. There is plenty of snow and with this few people, the slopes don’t get too choppy in the afternoon. However, if the forecast comes through, we can expect them to be very choppy and bumpy after 10 AM, due to the fresh snow. While today was a great day for piste skis, we suggest you take the widest skis you can ride the next few days. Head over to our rental shop, where we have a good selection of freeride skis.

Many people have taken their first steps in the Sitnyakovo Ski Center.

Many people have taken their first steps in the Sitnyakovo Ski Center.

If you’re planning on skiing off-piste, this next paragraph is for you. Conditions out-of-bounds are sketchy at best. This is due to the layering of the snow, where this year there is a very weak layer almost at the base of the snowpack! Since the last snowfall, there have been quite a few avalanches in Bulgaria, one in Bansko was fatal. The reoccurring theme is that these were very big avalanches, and the one that took the lives of two young, well-prepared snowboarders was in a wooded area, not an open face like we’re used to seeing avalanches on. The weak layer of snow has formed in the beginning of the season when temperatures were -10°C to -20°C and still hasn’t homogenized with the rest of the layers. There are a few very detailed reports in Bulgarian, that translating into English would take me a week, but they all clearly point out the dangerous layer of snow near the base. If you’re planning on skiing the powder in the Markudjik Ski Center, be EXTREMELY cautious when skiing past the Markudjik 3 surface lift, as there are a few avalanche zones there that have taken peoples lives in the past.

The next few days will be like this.

The next few days will be like this.

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