Snow Report: April 4th, 2018


The end of the season is almost here, no matter how much we don’t want the resort to close! Snow conditions are still good and on a weekday it feels like you’re skiing in a private resort. Even the night skiing was working today, granted that the first 2 out of 3 hours was closer to day skiing thanks to the longer days and daylight saving time. The good news is that the lifts won’t be closed too long, only until the beginning of the summer season, which is filled with mountain biking and hikes to some amazing peaks.

The night skiing becomes dark after 8PM.

The last two days weather conditions have been very good for skiing, sunny and warm. This was a nice change from the weekend when it was windy and rainy. Sadly the forecast is for more rain in the lower parts of the mountain the next 2-3 days, followed by more sunny weather from Sunday/Monday. Hopefully, we’ll have perfect weather on the 14th and 15th for some last runs down the mountain, but that is still too far away for an accurate weather forecast.

A few fresh turns.

A few fresh turns.

Like most of the weekdays after the middle of March, there are still no lift lines anywhere. However, this weekend is Easter, and Friday and Monday are official holidays in Bulgaria, so if the weather is good we’re expecting many more skiers and snowboarders in the resort. In such circumstances, you can expect to see lift lines on the Yastrebets Express lift and at the gondola middle-station, but we don’t expect them to be very big. All lifts in the resort are still open and working, even the beginner slopes in the Sitnyakovo Ski Area. The night skiing is also still working, but it gets dark around 8-8:30PM, but you get to see the sunset from the lifts.

Who else wants to feel like they have a private ski slope?

Who else wants to feel like they have a private ski slope?

Slope conditions in the Markudjik and Yastrebets ski centers were very stiff in the morning today but softened up around 11-11:30 AM. The good thing is they’re groomed every night and are perfect for race skis in the morning. By the afternoon the sun has taken its toll and the slopes become slushy, but thanks to the lack of people this isn’t really a problem as the slopes stay flatter for longer. It’s a different story in the Sitnyakovo Ski Center, where the temperatures are drastically warmer and the slopes get choppy much faster. On the Martinovi Baraki slopes, some grassy patches are already starting to show, but it should be good until the end of the season. Conditions during the night skiing session were good, with freshly groomed slopes and very few people. The first two hours are the best, but after that the flat parts again become choppy. The steep parts of the slopes remained flat and pleasant for skiing almost until the end of the night skiing.

Firm and groomed.

Firm and groomed.

There was a bit of fresh snow left over from the weekend in the Markudjik Ski Center and you can still ski off-piste there. Freeride conditions lower in the mountain are long gone and the bike park trails are already visible in the Sitnyakovo Ski Area. In the snow park, there was a big air competition during the weekend and we hope they’ll continue to maintain it as long as possible.

Some grassy patches are already showing in the Sitnyakovo Ski Area, but that doesn't stop us.

Some grassy patches are already showing in the Sitnyakovo Ski Area, but that doesn’t stop us.

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